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Anonymous asked:

When are you guys going to stop pretending Viola Davis is pretty? She's not. It's not even about her color she's just not pretty.


When are yall gonna stop pretending this isn’t about her skin color? I wish I could paste her features onto a white woman or even a black woman with lighter skin, then you wouldn’t be saying this. If she were white, you would call her “striking” or some other bullshit. If she were a light skinned black woman, you would probably still be bitter about a lead black woman but you at least wouldn’t pick apart her appearance. Maybe if her skin was lighter, you would actually acknowledge her accomplishments, too. Her talent, maybe? She just slayed America in 60 minutes while looking incredible and this is the only bitter response you could come up with? Your saltiness is unnerving, honey, do better.  Talk to me when you get nominated for an Oscar. 

image               And don’t insult her with the word “pretty”. She’s fucking stunning. Do so, so much better.

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